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Dermatologists are trained to perform minor, in-office surgeries to remove skin growths, moles, cysts, skin cancer, and other lesions. At San Francisco Dermatology in downtown San Francisco near Union Square, Michael J. Dans, MD, PhD, provides comprehensive dermatologic surgery to improve your skin’s appearance and health. Book online through the patient portal or call the office today to learn about your surgery options.

Dermatologic Surgery Q & A

What is dermatologic surgery?

Dermatologic surgery is any surgery performed on the skin. These surgery techniques can be used to improve your skin’s appearance or function. 

All dermatologic surgeries are minimally invasive. They are quick procedures, usually performed in your dermatologist’s office, that use small tools, sometimes just needles, to perform biopsies or treatments. 

Because dermatologic surgery is often used to improve appearance, your dermatologist uses every effort to minimize scarring and ensure as much healthy skin is saved as possible.

What can dermatologic surgery treat?

Dr. Dans and Dr. Reisman at San Francisco Dermatology use dermatologic surgery to address many different skin conditions, including, but not limited to:

  • Moles
  • Cysts (fluid-filled sacs)
  • Skin cancer
  • Lipomas (benign fatty tumors)
  • Skin tags or skin growths

Certain skin conditions, such as skin cancer, require surgery for proper treatment. A trained surgeon should always remove skin cancer to ensure all cancer cells are gone.

Am I a candidate for dermatologic surgery?

Because dermatologic surgeries are minimally invasive, taking place only in the skin, they typically don’t require general anesthesia (drugs that make you sleep through surgery). Your dermatologist can use regional or local anesthesia to numb the area while you’re awake.

This greatly reduces any risks associated with surgery, making dermatologic surgery safe for people of all ages and with a wide range of health conditions. If you take blood thinners or have a bleeding disorder, tell your dermatologist before undergoing a surgical procedure. 

Dermatologic surgery also has a quick recovery time and doesn’t require staying overnight in a hospital. While you may have to avoid certain strenuous activities after surgery, these safe and effective procedures can improve your health without taking a lot of your time.